Impressions of Prescott Integrated Therapies

My son is eleven years old and started to develop a problem with his posture. We had seen his pediatrician, whom stated he just needed to work on “standing straight,” there was no further opinion.  Yet, as time went on, it started to bother him. We were suggested by a family member to try Bowen, I must admit I was not sure how Bowen would work for this issue, but was hopeful and willing to try anything.
 After my son’s first visit I was taken back, I couldn’t believe how awesome the effect was! My son stood up and his posture was perfect! He could breathe better and was standing up straight; he seemed three inches taller. It has made such an impact on him, even his self esteem has grown!
Jan has been a light at the end of a tunnel. For us she has worked a miracle!  She has truly changed my son’s life and given him a gift that he will grow with the rest of his life!
Carlita V


I’ve been seeing Jan for about 6 months now. The first time I came in to see her, I had lower back pain from a bad chiropractor’s visit. By the time I left I was very relaxed and was already feeling better. On another occasion I was having mid-back spasm problems. I had missed some work because of it and was in a lot of pain. Once again, I was feeling better by the time I left. Each day after the treatment I steadily improved.

I also see Jan for chronic fatigue problems. My fatigue problem has improved quite a bit. Before seeing Jan I would rapidly become deeply tired after about 2 hours of exertion. I would regularly pay for that the day after I had work too hard. Now, I can exert myself and not have deep fatigue and not wind up in bed or lounging the next day to recover.

Before seeing Jan I had migraines once every 3 weeks or so. Now, if I stay up to date on my treatments, I have them every 3 months or so.

Overall, I have seen a steady improvement in my mobility and quality of health by visiting Prescott Bowenworks. Thank you Jan.
Doug Harcrow

How do, Jan. I just wanted to let you know that since you worked on my back in January, I’ve gone the longest period of time without my back hurting. ( about 9 weeks ) I’ve been doing the same routine as before. I was very skeptical when I first visited you, but now I’m thinking otherwise. Lately, I’ve been doing some heavy lifting, yard work, golf, volleyball, and softball. So, now I’m starting to feel some pain in my lower back again. I’m hoping I can work it out by doing my stretches.
Keith Neihart

As a long time cyclist and avid mountain bike rider, it was only a matter of time before I developed some knee pains. In my case, it turned out to be the all too common meniscus tear. Instead of the usual surgical repair, I thought I’d give Bowen therapy a shot. A year after the onset of the pain, I’m still able to ride six days a week.
Christophe Noel

Bowen Work
December 8th I fell down stairs in my home severely damaging both left and right quadriceps and knees. I was not able to raise my foot out straight while seated the pain in the upper leg muscle was on a scale of 1 to 10 a 15. After x-rays revealed no broken bones I was told to see the orthopedic surgeon. I decided to visit my Bowen practitioner, as she had done wonders for my achilles tendonitis. Well I’m pretty skeptical but Bowen seemed to be a better alternative to 9 weeks of recovery and huge co-pays. So I had her come over for the first treatment as I could not walk well enough to go to her office. ( a house call ? ) The results were nothing short of amazing. With one treatment the swelling started to go down with very little bruising. Treatments were scheduled 7 days apart and I was able to play golf on Feb 13, and have continued rehab exercises since then and never even missed a day at work. These are some pretty serious injuries that I’ve had treated. But I also have Jan do maintenance treatments. Bowen does wonders for stress management, neck and shoulder pain and many sports injuries and general soreness I will never be skeptical again. Bowen works.
Roger S.

I want to share all of the good that Jan has done for me through her Bowen work:

When I began seeing her I had sciatica that was so bothersome that it kept me awake at night-It has resolved.

My bunions were so large I was sure surgery would need to be done soon-one treatment resolved-I called her that night and asked, “who’s feet she put on my legs” because I was sure they weren’t mine.

Had had terrible fluid retention and had to use medication to get relief-resolved.

I had gallbladder pain with 2 treatments-resolved.

I had swelling on the side of my neck the size of a golf ball and was in so much pain that I left work for a treatment when Jan finished the treatment the lump and pain were gone.

I was taking medication daily for allergies since treatment I very rarely need medication. If I am able to get a treatment then I don’t have to take medication.

I was having difficulty sleeping due to left hip pain after treatment no more pain.
Cheryl S.

Bowenwork, through Jan Wheeler’s expertise, gentle hands, and serene treatment room, has greatly reduced my years of lower back pain, and I no longer suffer sinus infections. I trust Jan completely to keep my body “tuned up”; she maintains meticulous client data and asks pertinent questions based on her knowledge of individual histories and treatments. Bowenwork is a process that truly works.
Sarah Bicknell